This semi-biographical account of the Australian Kelpie has been described as a 'journey of discovery and perseverance'.  Bill and Kerry Robertson followed the Kelpie trail, not only to

all parts of Australia, but anywhere in the world where the scent of the Kelpie trail lingered.

This definitive work is the combination of twelve years research.

THE KELPIE DOG Selecting & Training

This training program has been described as the most comprehensive Kelpie training and breeding program ever produced. Never before has three eminent Kelpie people such as Gordon McMaster, Joe Spicer and John Gedye come together in one training program. These three outstanding Kelpie trainers and breeders have combined experience and knowledge base of 125 years! Bill Robertson, author of, Origins of the Australian Kelpie, requested these three specialists come together for the benefit of the Kelpie type and the breed.