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Casterton – The ‘birthplace’ of the Kelpie
The Kelpie Festival is held in the main street, which comes alive with ‘all things kelpie’ The official opening of the prized Australian Kelpie Centre over the annual Australian Kelpie Muster weekend in 2018 was heralded as the Grand Prize for the Casterton district community.  The Australian Premier Working Dog Auction will be held on Sunday.

Joe Spicer - GoGetta Kelpie Stud.
Segment from "THE KELPIE DOG Selecting & Training"

Joe has won five Australian working yard dog titles and many state and country sheepdog trials.
A renowned breeder and trainer of quality working kelpies for 25+ years. Dogs/puppies generally available for sale.

  A dog that is bred right will naturally work even at an early age and turn into a burn desire to work stock.

  • 4  weeks you can start humanizing your pup, talk to it and keep him with you as much as practical.

  • 6  weeks After weaning feed it well, good quality mince and dry food can be spread out as four meals a day with access to good clean water. Allow plenty of sleep and do not chain it.

  • 9 weeks put a collar on your pup. From time to time attached a light lead with a shrivel at the collar end for an hour or so and let the pup tow it about. Make sure you're about in case the pup gets hooked up.

  • From 12-14 weeks of age you can introduce to stock.

John Gedye - Selecting a pup.
Segment from "THE KELPIE DOG Selecting & Training"

John established the Scoriochre Kelpie Stud approximately 45 years ago. He is also an active member of the Working Kelpie Council of Australia.



  • Do not change your dog next to a fence on a long chain allowing him to jump the fence and hang on the other side If the chain is long thread it through the bottom of the fence.

  • Do not chain your dog under a tree with branches low enough allowing him to jump one and hang on the other side.

  • One tonners Utilities, trailers Be especially careful, most dogs are hung from these. use properly fitted, extra short chains and good new strong swivel clips. test all chains and clips fully making sure they don't reach within 600mm of the sides of the vehicle or within 600mm of the top of the front from behind the cab.

  • working dogs should be chained or housed when not in work, or with you and under control or on a short chain with thought.

Late. Gordon "Gordie" McMaster - Genetics.
Segment from "THE KELPIE DOG Selecting & Training"

Gordon's is acknowledged worldwide as one of Australia's very best judges of merino sheep. He has combined his enormous genetic experience in selecting and breeding Merino rams to his Kelpie Stud WYREEMA which is considered one of the oldest Kelpie Studs in Australia.

Don't cook your dog

Dogs run close to the ground, their heads are only some 500mm above the ground line. While working in humid weather they heat up quickly. "Cooking" is a term used when a dog overheats and they start the stagger, run or walk  like a drunken person might. If their blood is over heated it affects their brain function, if this happens get them to a water trough quickly. cool them down immediately get them in the water troughs and push their heads under the water or pour water over it. Never refuse your dog a drink of water in hot weather, Once a dog has been cooked he will never stand humidity or heat well afterwards and cook quicker from then on. People who do not understand this may think that dog has no stamina or has some sort of physical disorder and blame the breeder. As dogs age they have obtained in amount of sheep working experience most learn to pace themselves in other words relax with the sheep and take it a bit easier they lay off a bit and only go hard when necessary mature dogs will look for water, shade and steady up a bit rather than overheat and cook. Young over enthusiastic dogs need to be watched closely in hot and humid weather for signs of overheating while they are out working give them access to water often. Try to get the major part of the stock work completed early in the morning before the weather heats up to much this is the best time to work stock anyway.

Joe Spicer - Working with cattle.
Segment from "THE KELPIE DOG Selecting & Training"



The adolescent period is between 9 to 20 months of age in dogs. Give your young dog a break during this period if they become a little hard to get on with. Quite often a brilliant pup will become hard to catch or shy, it may not want to work for you etc. if it's in this adolescent period, keep it busy but be forgiving. Too many young dog are ruined or branded as hopeless during this adolescent period.


Lyrics: Bill Robertson
Vocals: Ian Sandercoe
Produced for the documentary
"Kelpie The Legend"

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