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    In the Kingdom of the Collie there are many canine followers (Working Collies)
    entitled to use the Collie name, but for this program our focus is not only with 
    some of the very best Border Collies, but also their world class shepherds and 
    handlers who demonstrate their skills in their unique and difficult environmental
    In the United Kingdom, Welshman and two times World champion.  Aled Owen 
    talks about his successes and the challenges associated with winning three 
    Supreme International Sheepdog Championships and two World Championships. Aled demonstrates his training method with Bill and Cap two of his winning sheepdogs and gives reason for his pup selection criteria.
    In more than 115 years only one woman has won the Supreme International 
    sheepdog trial, that person is the amazing Julie Hill. Her truly unique training 
    method has been adopted by some of the most seasoned competitors at 
    international level. Her communication with her Border Collies is truly special. 
    Julie said, at NETH HILL BORDER COLLIES in Scotland, “this is where collies bring their owners to be trained”.   In partnership with Scottish shepherd and also Supreme International winner Bobby Henderson they are a very formidable team.

    Out of the dry dusty conditions of the Australian outback we introduce stockman and large station owner Mick Hudson. In three sheep trials, Mick is currently one of the men to beat in Australia. His training session in this program demonstrates the extremes of heat, dust and burrs which his dog’s experiences on a daily basis. The handling of massive flocks in this harsh environment is a challenge for any working dog. Without doubt, Mick’s Border Collies are some of the hardiest anywhere in the world.

    Ginger Anderson’s dogs trace back to1894 and he owns the number one Border Collie stud in the New Zealand stud book. Ginger is a prolific trials winner as was his dad and Grandfather. His method and experience of working stock in some of the mountainous regions of New Zealand is a worthy contribution. Ginger demonstrates his collies and his adored, ‘Huntaway collie.’
    Ken White is from the north of the South Island of New Zealand. He is a past 
    National Sheepdog trials champion and now spends much of his time, teaching
    both handlers and collie sheepdogs the advanced techniques of competitive trialling. 

    80 minutes

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