This is the most comprehensive video documentary ever produced on the Kelpie breed. Simply titled “Kelpie the Legend” this definitive program is the last piece of the puzzle in the breeds early history; This program reveals for the first time, the Kelpie’s earliest beginnings and positively identifies the people and events that created the Kelpie breed. The “Myth” has at last been replaced with fact!

The story includes a fabulous insight into the history of the Australian wool industry and highlights the amazing contribution the Kelpie breed made in the commercial development of the Australian outback. Including comments by bestselling Kelpie author, Tony Parson and long time Kelpie breeder Tim Austin.
Like the Kelpie, the program embraces the wool industry. To confirm the breed’s genetics, DNA samples were taken from some of the most influential Kelpie studs in Australia.


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