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GREG PRINCE  "My Way - Firm But Fair"
  • GREG PRINCE "My Way - Firm But Fair"

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    Greg Prince often referred to as the, “Prince of Sheepdog Trainers” In reality, Greg was the undisputed, “King of Sheepdog Trainers”. In his domain, he ruled with almost total dominance. His conquests include 16 National championships and 9 Supreme Australian Championships, not to mention his success winning many State and country championships.

    He also represented Australia multiple times in the Trans-Tasman series against, New Zealand. This humble man when asked to explain the perfect score he received in a trail, Greg simply said, “Well, there’s three good sheep in every mob and I was lucky enough to get them today”.  Capitulation amongst his peers was total. Their consensus of opinion, “Greg’s record will never be beaten” Greg could have left an even more impressive record, if not for illness and his eventual death at the young age of 74.

    In this video, Greg demonstrates his dogs working and reveals his 10-step training program for farm or competition. This includes training in the round yard, backing sheep in the race and working in the paddock. After teaching people to work their dogs for more than 20 years, Greg revealed his philosophy on training, temperament, balance, pup selection and commands delivered with voice and whistle. Greg comments on the varied working characteristics of his endless list of National champions which are proudly displayed on his wall of fame. In his absence, Greg’s wife Jan Prince describes their challenges and circumstances together, which eventually saw Greg, achieve his ultimate goal.

    This video is not just a one-off training program, it’s about Greg’s achievements and leaving a lasting training legacy that will benefit future sheep dog workers for years to come.

    Duration: 83 minutes.

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