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1932 Ballan Sheepdog Trial

As most people are aware, I have considerable experience with working dogs. My wife Kerry and I live in Ballan, Victoria. It’s a rural area that has a long history with working dogs and sheep dog trials. In fact, in 1939, an Australasian record number of sheepdogs (116) participated in the Ballan Sheepdog Trial. In 1962, amongst the shops in the main street of Ballan was an active 8 stand shearing shed employing 16 people. In writing the Origins of the Australian Kelpie. So many facts and references which supported and gave direction to finding the truth about the beginning of the Kelpie breed, were not included in my book. Therefore, I will use this blog to answer questions about the Kelpie history and in doing so make original and secondary evidence available to readers. My enormous data base remains silent, waiting patiently and in anticipation of your probing and in-depth questions about people, places, dingo’s and collies associated with the history of the Kelpie breed.

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